The exhibition Del & Helhed consists of internally connected site-specific installations, created for the opening exhibition of Workshop for Architecture / Værksted for Arkitektur, which focuses on an artistic investigative process.

This exhibition shares the experimental part of my practice, a kind of basic research of the potential of art in the intersection between art and architecture.

The installations are a momentary section of my workshop and give insight to the procedural work in the study of relationships between materials and functions and their expression. The installations investigate how these relationships can be processed artistically and practical in order to add sense and meaning to the site.

The exhibition is an experimental and dynamic space. It does not contain a definitive artistic statement. It unfolds and develops possible potentials and relationships between materials, techniques and methods. Through the assembly and accumulation of parts, the materials are activated as more than a constructive resource in themselves.

In a time and a society that emphasizes clear and distinct expressions, the installation is an important statement. It gives the opportunity to lose yourself and connect with the materials and the stories they evoke. At the same time, the exhibition demonstrates the importance of giving time and space to professional experiments, in order to unfold and develop constantly new artistic statements which can enrich us through our surroundings.